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We opened a Thai ancient massage shop called 'The world's most pleasant' in 3 minutes walk from Oji Station of Tokyo.We will strive to provide the best service as a Thai person.We look forward to your visit.

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Thailand female is responsible for massage, home of Thai ancient massage



Thai massage

It is one of the traditional medicine in Thailand, it is a relaxing massage that evenly stimulates the energy line flowing through the whole body with the relaxation effect of muscle by stretching and the rhythm adapted to breathing. This will improve the energy flow and enhance self healing power.

60 Min - ¥6,000 

90 Min - ¥9,000

​120Min -¥12,000

VIP course


Thai traditional massage
oil massage
Tummy massage
Foot massage massage


Oil massage

Oil massage is a treatment that softly stimulates along the flow of the lymph duct just under the skin, encourages the flow of lymph and promotes normal metabolism. Although it does not do stretch like Thai ancient massage, it softens muscle fatigue with soft stimulation transmitted to muscle core and improves physical condition.

60 Min - ¥8,000 

90 Min - ¥11,000

​120Min -¥13,000


Extend Time

01 Thai massage   30Min -  ¥3,000

02 Oil massage     30Min -  ¥4,000

03 Vipcourse     30Min -  ¥5,000

Choosing     ¥1,000

70 Min -   ¥13,000 

100 Min - ¥15,000

​130Min - ¥18,000



Relaxed, chillin ...
The brain during massage is full of alpha waves!

Thai traditional massage is a massage that gives "whole body", "massage", "stretch" slowly and politely. And it is a service done in the transformer state entrusting the body and the heart to the therapist. Although recovery of fatigue is obvious, it is said that it has the effect of bringing mental stability from the action of arranging autonomic nerves and sustaining a relaxed state. It is also extremely effective in relieving stress. By all means at our shop, please experience "Thai ancient massage" of gentle and cheerful Thai woman.
Please have a moment of peace of mind



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My Salon

OJ building 701 1-21-2

oji, Kita-ku, Tokyo


Mon - San : 12am - 24am

Last order : 24am